I like staple bags that are easy to transition from one outfit to another and one event to another. The fact that Angela & Roi makes amazing staple bags and they're made from vegan leather, I have to admit: I'm in love.

In their own words:
"Fashion combines the necessity of clothes with art. Women's fashion allows for expressions of individuality, uniqueness, and passion during any season. Handbags are symbolic of this pragmatic beauty. A good handbag goes past a carrier of items and transforms into a confident statement to the world. However, Angela & Roi understands handbags often posses inhibiting prices. Looking good should not be for only the rich and the famous. We thrive to introduce a new concept in handbags. We create boutique-quality, minimally and classically designed handbags at a competitive price.
We meticulously selected five minimalist styles of tote, shoulder, and cross-body bags. Each style comes with various color options. The Angela & Roi aesthetic is vintage-inspired with a modern touch. Every bag is made with vegan leather and durable fabric. Available exclusively on our website." 

"Instead of animal leather, we use high quality vegan leather to make our handbags. While designers' handbags are sold at thousands of dollars, inflated with their brand name, we provide fashionable handbags at our unique price point."
"We communicate and work closely with a design and manufacture team in Korea. Our web-based sales approach allows us to provide the most competitive prices in comparison to the typical retail store based model."
The Angela  & Roi styles are in order as seen: The Classic Cross-body, The Mini Cross-body, The Palette Cross-body, The Square Tote and The Casual Shoulder (not pictured). The bags are all reasonably priced and a percentage of your purchase goes to a different cause of your choice based on the ribbon color you choose.