Christmas is two days away and you haven't gotten your favorite bohemian (daughter/friend/sister/girlfriend/wife) anything yet. Here's a few suggestions to help you out:
1. Lite + Cycle Bergamot Candle: This is my favorite candle hands down. Made with renewable biodegrade able materials, the bergamot scent is fresh but still has a woodsy scent that I love. It's perfect for her long baths and even relaxing at home with as glass of wine.

2. A Donation made in their name to their favorite charity: Sounds like a cop-out? Not at all. If she is a humanitarian, you giving to someone else especially a cause that they have a passion for is an awesome idea and shows you understand them. Charity Water, A21, Compassion, IJM, Love146 and World Vision are just a couple that I love the cause behind.

3. Art Prints: I love prints. They bring a dull room to life and set up a theme. Etsy has the best handmade prints, which is a favorite of mind versus mass produced print outs. This one of a kind print is a favorite and the color scheme is great to put up immediately.

4. Captain Wentworth's Letter: This is the perfect gift for the Jane Austenite! One of a kind, hand written by the seller makes this gift THE GIFT! Captain Wentworth's letter is high lighted in one of my many copies of Persuasion, and if you ever read it you would understand why. If you want to go a step further, you can also get the letter printed on a bracelet.

5. David's Tea: As a coffee drinker/lover, I never thought I would go back to drinking tea until I stepped into David's Tea and was reminded how to enjoy tea all over again. Each tea whether its black, white, green, herbal, rooibos, oolong, mate or pu'erh is bound to give you not only an amazing cup of tea but an amazing experience. Don't know what tea to get? Give the gift of the Tea of the Month for 2014 and let them discover their new favorite tea.

6. Personalized Jewelry: My awesome buddies at Brooklyn Charm can help you through the process of picking the best piece that represents the receiver. You can either walk into their Williamsburg location or check out their pop-up in Chelsea. You pick the charms and the chains and they set it up right on the spot for you. 

7. A Keepsake Box: Keepsake or Memento boxes are a favorite of mine, especially now that I am older to appreciate them better. A co-worker bought me one as a Secret Santa gift this year and I already knew what I was going to put in it before I got home. If she has a lot of jewelry, this is also a great gift to give.

Meskel NYC
8. The Gift of Food: If she's a foodie, giving her a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant is a win. You will be treating her to something she loves: the experience of food and taste. This could be a little tricky, giving this gift should be a safe choice if you know them really well. 

U! Yoga NYC
9. The Gift of Fitness: Giving a gift card to her favorite yoga, pilates studio or just giving her a place to go release some stress and take care of her temple is needed when they are due for a little relaxation and me-time. You can even do something different and get them gift cards to S Factor (which is so much fun) or Ballet Beautiful (which is favorite). 

10. The Gift of Lingerie: also known as the gift that keeps on giving. I love lingerie, especially gorgeous lingerie. There is something about wearing a beautiful piece of lace under your regular everyday clothing that makes me happy and glad I am a woman. Shopping for lingerie is not only hard but it is something you shouldn't dive into if you are not ready. You have to know a couple of things: her style, bra and panty size and favorite color (it could even be your favorite color). Fleur Du Mal puts the luxury back into lingerie, but if you are strapped for cash or you want a nicer option but more for the laid back lingerie lover, check out Nasty Gal, Free People or more brand options or Lonely Hearts, Skivvies by For Love and Lemons and Lake and Stars (a lovely indie brand) for indie brands who are doing it right.

I hope these options helped you and gave you more ideas. Have a blessed Christmas!