Helios- 2014

Love this entire album! It has been on repeat all day yesterday and this morning. My favorite song: Hurricane. It makes me think about who I'm becoming and how much I am no longer afraid of it but want to encounter myself as my old, shy, timid self is overtaken by the storm of awesomeness, lol. Yes, I did say awesomeness.  Some of the lyrics for Hurricane, below:

"She's so fierce and full of that fire. 
What's the boy to do? 
She yells and I crumble, 
she's got the power.... 
She's a hurricane (hurricane).
I see the waves crashing in the harbor just beyond the break. 
I should run and hide with the others but I can't look away. 
She's a hurricane.
I hear thunder, but I won't run, I won't run.
I wanna meet her. 
I wanna see her dancing in the street. 
I wanna feel her, I wanna hold her body close to me. 
Yeah, yeah. 
But she's a hurricane. 
Oh, hurricane, yeah, yeah."