The Face: Rachel "Rocky Barnes" Horowitz
Ethnicity: American (Southern California native)
Height: 5'7" 
Bust: 32 
Waist: 24 
Hips: 35 
Eyes: Brown 
Hair: Brown 

Why I Love Her: Rachel makes the everyday bikini body ready look easy. You can see she's a SoCal girl (laid-back, suntanned and free) and you can do nothing but sit back and enjoy the pictures of her easy style that she posts via instagram and her blog. She's not just a model, but a social media machine; with collaborations with brands as well as landing pretty legit modeling work separating her from the rest. Her work includes: Skechers, Miami Swim Week, Swimwear brand Indah, Soleil Blue, Van De Vort and a collaboration with Nena & Co., just to name a few. If blogger/model/social media powerhouses are anything to be reckoned with: watch out as this girl takes over.                        

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