Looking Back...

Free People Catalogue- Sept. 2014

This year has been nothing short of amazing even with its setbacks and missteps. I challenged myself and left my comfort zone and made decisions that showed me who I am and what I am really capable of. The best thing I have learned so far is that you should never, ever apologize for wanting more for yourself or better. I am surrounded by people who push me and challenge me every single day (sometimes it's a blessing and other times I want to harm them, lol) and I wouldn't trade them for the world. The question to ask yourself as this year comes to an end soon is:

Are you surrounded by people who see you potential?

and if not:

How do I get those people around me?

There's a saying I always heard growing up that says:

Iron Sharpens Iron

.  Always make sure you are sharpening and uplifting your friends and they're doing the same for you.