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"Here you are, Black and Woman and in love with yourself. You are terrifying. They are terrified (as they should be)." Upile Chisala



What does a woman confident in her skin look like?

I often ask myself that when as I get dressed each day without looking to others as an example. When I rise each morning, do I look at myself and not make comparisons? Do I embrace myself and my full potential as I start this day with all expectations and no negative thoughts?

When I decided to relaunch my blog, I had to admit that I was being lazy. I was procrastinating with a dream of mine that I always had: creating content with brands (established as well as upcoming) that showcased and celebrated women of color, women of all ages and women of all sizes. After talking to brands and have them all respond positively, I decided to accept the challenge and get to work. 

I am finally in a place where the passion inside me is too much to ignore and I’m willing to have those conversations with brands on why it’s so important to showcase diversity in age, size and color in this digital age. So this is now my post that will keep me accountable: a year from now how much closer will I be to my goal or will I be setting a new one? 

Film photos by:   Kelsey Rose  

Film photos by:  Kelsey Rose