This brand has to have one of the cooler back stories I've heard in a while:

From the Etsy page:

"I started Lit Knits in 2011 to help me contend with my overflowing yarn collection. While I'd enjoyed knitting hats and scarves for family members and friends, I thought, why not knit for other people? My husband helped me think of the shop name, and my burgeoning corner of Etsy became an opportunity to combine my literary interests with my craft ones. (And little did I realize Lit Knits would provide the perfect excuse to buy even more yarn!)
I started off with just a few simple designs - tried and true patterns with classic lines that reminded me of some of my favorite authors and books. From there, I learned new techniques and made a go at my own designing, all in hopes of creating a collection that would be always fresh, dewy, and inspiring-ly literary. Rather than aiming for a mass-produced or easily copy-able look, I like variety. I've knit items I won't ever knit again, and many of my shop listings include one-of-a-kinds (though I try to sprinkle in some regulars!).
Overall, I just want to create that wee bit of dash and drama that makes a person feel both comforted and a little bit like someone new and adventurous."

I spied a couple of knits named after my beloved Jane Austen characters and you know they already stolen my heart! A few more favorite pieces below: