I'm very picky about my arm candy. I normally like black leather bands (slowly crossing over to vegan there). I have been looking for a bracelet that wasn't girly or too masculine and also meant something to me. When I stumbled upon The Proverbial 33 Etsy shop, I had to admit I was in love. The shop is run by mother and daughter (Mary and Ashley) and they not only make pieces that are fashionable but uplifting.

Here is a little line from her Etsy page which pretty much sums their line:
"A daughter and mom team creating pieces with lots of love, care, and style.We specialize in making pieces that state more than just a sense of fashion, but a sense of being. Saying a lot even if just to yourself with the things you wear."

Mary and Ashley are two of the sweetest people I happen to meet while at my church (HillsongNYC). Here are a few more pieces that I love.