I have been using LUSH USA's Sikkim Girls for the past two months in an attempt to find a vegan perfume that doesn't smell like baby powder, incense, or fruit. I want a perfume that makes me feel like a woman and smell like one. I started to look into LUSH Gorilla Perfumes which has a diverse and awesome range of solid perfumes, oils and sprays. I wanted a perfume that matched my scent preferences and struck gold with Sikkim Girls.

The notes of Sikkim Girls (frangipani, jasmine, vanilla and tuberose)  

 When I first tried the oil, I put it on my suggested points ( behind the ears, neck, wrists) as well as the points I was taught growing up. I liked how it wasn't overwhelming and I especially loved that after using it for over a month I had no breakouts. I only have the smallest version (since I decided to try it out before I committed) and I plan to go back for a larger size. I also love how they provide you with a container to put the fragrance oil in so that the sun and temperature doesn't effect it. 

Overall, I am in love with Sikkim Girls. It's woodsy and spicy scent has become one of staple fragrances. It's green and vegan, which is a win in my book.