As the days get warmer and longer, my beauty routine becomes a two- step process: Shea butter or coconut oil on the body, cocoa butter on the face.  My face is extremely oily and in the Summer, I seem to produce an unnatural amount of oil through my face.  So in the  mornings, I wash my face with African Black Soap and use the cocoa butter stick along my t-zone and rub it in. I love cocoa butter on my face because its light, goes on easy, smells amazing and also helps keep my complexion balanced.

Growing up in a West- Indian household, we used to keep things simple. Now that I am an adult, I see how the simple things we used for basic grooming and beauty were beneficial and still are beneficial to my body.

Some of the "said" benefits of cocoa butter include: high in antioxidants and fatty acids, contains vitamins A and E, blemish and stretch marker reducer, and hydrates skin deeply.

What is your favorite natural product you like to use on your face and skin during the Summer months?