Carte Blanche has a simple plan: they want to redesign womenswear with high quality dresses.  It seems like a hard concept until you see there pieces and understand that quality is in their DNA. It's a simple for them since beauty is all they know. Point in case: their t-shirt dress. When you think of a t-shirt dress, you think of the run of the mill dress made in cotton or jersey that you can pair with sneakers and go; but not with Carte Blanche. Their t-shirt dress is nothing short of breath-taking and has you planning the day you make your debut in it. 

The plan for the brand is simple: less waste, more consumer based (we decide what gets made), no middle man and MADE with love in the good ole NYC.  

Carte Blanche is launching their Kickstarter April 21st. I encourage you to help contribute to a brand that is going to be on everyone lips in the near future.

Keep your eyes out for them.