I was listening to a sermon by Ravi Zacharias about the Withering Western Worldview and how the East in impacting the West in our everyday life. When I look at my lifestyle, my everyday eating habits, my view about my stewardship over my body and the environment and I have to agree with Zacharias; it would seem as if the eastern culture has influenced me.
One of my favorite Ayurveda hair treatments is Amla powder. The benefits of Amla powder is:
-Gives natural shine.
-Nourishes from root to tip.
-Reduces hair fall.

I like to mix this with Bhrami powder (which also helps with split ends and dandruff) and let sit in my hair while relaxing or doing chores. The smell can be a little weird if you are not used to it, but since I grew up around the Indian culture, the smell isn't an issue at all.

I do notice that once I've done the treatment more than once my natural curls are tighter and pop more and my hair feels softer and stronger.  I am also looking into natural treatments for colored hair naturals and will keep you guys updated. W

Which hair powders are your favorite and why?