As the warm weather slowly comes upon us, I realize that there are staples I am going to be in for the whole season. For Winter it's skinny jeans, oversize chunky sweaters, and study combat boots. For Spring, I am on the hunt for a good pair of vegan leather shorts. 

Blank NYC makes vegan leather look really good. There brand  has become one of my go-to for all things that are vegan leather. These track shorts prove the point. Not only are they track shorts (which I have trying to find) they have a lace cut out detail which will be a help on those days I don't want to make an effort but look like I did when I go out (we all have those days).

Overall, these shorts are perfect with a tank, white tee or blouse and can be paired with sandals heels and sneakers. This is a definite staple for the warm weather (other shorts here).