From her Etsy store:
"My collections, more often than not, combine inspirations from vintage and antique fashions, objects, and images, as well as charity works and activism to make beauty apparent in unlikely places.
.This inspiration stems from hardships and tragedies experienced since childhood mixed with interests of the details, writings, and beauty of the past.
.The immense amount of detail that goes into high fashion pieces, evening wear, and lingerie have always drawn me closer than to many other art forms--but oftentimes I have combined platforms.
.This was what birthed my initial line 'Adrenaline'--a name that comes from one given by a high school friend referring to my {former} track & field skills and my determination to get things done. The garments consisted majorly of urban designs littered with hand painted motifs and wordings. This later morphed into silhouettes and pieces inspired by thought provoking subjects such as Uganda's 'Invisible Children.'
.Finally, due to my love of detail, I maneuvered into the world of intimate apparel. Still keeping true to my design inspirations, I converted the company name to my own and encased it with wings symbolizing a dear and instrumental friend that passed away in a tragic accident in 2oo6.
.Eventually, I hope for this to grow to a real brick and mortar boutique--from there, the next step will be to give back to those in need by creating a scholarship/fund for the underprivileged."