Last week Thursday I fought through a crowd of crazed tourist on 5th avenue to get to Free People Rock Center to get my nails done. I'm completely serious. Christina Rinaldi the genius behind Prima Creative was at that location doing nail art for free!!! So, I waited patiently and watched her collection of designs flash across her iPad and became more and more confused as to what exactly I wanted to put on my nails since every design that I saw I wanted (and I only have 10 fingers so I had to narrow it down a little). Finally, I decided to get a baroque pattern done.

 So, onto Ms. Christina Rinaldi's work:
Christina works out of a studio in Brooklyn, NY. I would suggest shooting her an email to find out her hours. She compares creating nail art like "being a bartender".  Extremely cool, friendly and a fellow urban bohemian (her accessories are so crazy!), Christina also works in graphic design. After a conversation with her, I was encouraged to grow my nails (instead of eating them) and fell in love with oval shaped nails.The end result is Christina is one cool artist. Here are some of my favorite nail art below: