Late last year, I went on a hunt for vegan beauty products because I feel its just as important as what you put on your body as what you put in. I came across Priti NYC when looking for eco-friendly and vegan nail polish. The cause behind Priti NYC is an amazing one and the fact that their nail polish is amazing doesn't hurt either. So here's a review of my two favorite colors:

Color 645: Constant Nymph
Ok, so I know the name sounds funny but this is my go-to dark color. It's so dark it can pass for black but if you look closely you'll see its a dark purple color. The color goes on so smooth and after two coats, you'll ready to go. It does have a slight shimmer undertone to it, but its barely noticeable which I love.

Color 646: Tulip Tree Teal
This color is a rich color and not too bright at all. At first I was a little nervous about this shade but once I put it on I was sold! Tulip Tree Teal is the my favorite color for an accent nail and will be a perfect color for the warmer months. This color doesn't dominate your hands at all, instead they compliment them and looks amazing against my skin.

I would suggest my fellow vegans and even non vegans to give the Priti NYC nail polish collection a try. From the rich colors to the smooth application, this has now become my staple nail line.