I've been natural for over 2 years now (I hit 3 years in November) and I have tried so many natural hair products that you would have thought I owned my own store if you came into my room. Over the years I have learned the simpler the regimen, the healthier the hair. Since I dyed my hair golden blond in late January and decided to keep my hair this color for awhile, I had to find the right products for my hair to stay healthy and to grow. Also, because I'm vegan and have a sensitive scalp I had to pick wisely. My staple shampoo and conditioner are from the amazing Aubrey Organics family.
The Rosa Mosqueta Nourishing Shampoo smells amazing and it cleans my scalp wonderfully. It has a great lather and you can feel that your scalp and hair are clean once you're done. I use the shampoo once to twice a month, normally every two weeks to give my scalp a good cleaning.
I use the Rosa Mosqueta Nourishing Conditioner once a week. It's so creamy and leaves my hair soft after I use it. I normally put it on my dry hair and leave it on for 20 minutes as a deep conditioner before I wash it out. 

I have noticed the difference since I started using the shampoo and conditioner: my curls are tighter and my hair rarely sheds. I also love it because its vegan, and I have been on a hunt for vegan beauty products for awhile now. I hope you guys have a chance to try it out.