Since I've became vegan last year, my health and fitness has always been on my mind. So after signing up at a gym and being bored with the classes they offered, I purchased my first Groupon for Circuit of Change. After I saw their Youtube video I signed up asap! Circuit of Change in their words:

"Circuit of Change is an innovative mindbody wellness studio and community located in the heart of New York City. 
We focus on personal growth, community connectedness and mind-body awareness. 
Our holistic approach encourages lasting change.
We believe each of us has the power to take risks, transcend obstacles, 

and go beyond our limitations of what we think we can do. When one of us takes a leap, 
it inspires and sparks another to do the same, creating a positive, 
powerful action and reaction in our community and the world. This is what we call The Circuit of Change.
And the best part is, at Circuit of Change, we don't do it alone…. 

Class = Connection + Community + Commitment
Come meet our awesome teachers, experience our dynamic classes, and feel the love and support of your peers. 

We don't just take steps, but leaps in personal progress, allowing us all to rise up, take the challenge, 
and become our best selves. Try something new, and start your journey of self discovery today!
Be the change you wish to see."

A review of my first class will come soon... Hopefully it will be Mindbody Bootcamp or Mindbody Box.